Professional Tour & Transfer Services in Florence

Safety First

An authentic Chauffeur (in Italian = N.C.C.) always displays the badge on the back of the vehicle (plate or sticker) showing the authorization number and the Municipality that released it.

 Of course, our services cost a little more, but here below are some of the reasons why:

1) Our vehicles are scrupulously maintained and subject to annual revisions by law.

2) Our vehicles are generally replaced every 3/4 years.

3) To ensure the safety of passengers, the insurance coverage of our vehicles is by law higher: from 5 to 50 million euros per claim and covers damage to property and people.

4) The NCC have a VAT number and are subject to all legal tax obligations, tax receipts, invoices, sector studies based on the mileage traveled by vehicles.

5) To be an NCC driver, the normal driving license is not enough, in addition to this you must obtain:

- The CAP (Certificate of Professional Qualification) after examination by the Civil Motorization.

- Enrollment in the Professional Register of public drivers of the Region they belong to after examination before a specific Examining Commission.

- The administrative Authorization/License to practice the profession, issued by a municipal administration through public announcement.

Finally, but not less importantly the requirement to be able to have all of the above is to have no criminal convictions.

6) An NCC driver is subject to specific medical checkups regarding drugs and alcohol. For an NCC driver the alcohol level must be equal to 0.00% (zero). The range for a normal driver (non-professional) can be up to 0.05%.

Considering the above, it is not a coincidence that those who want to travel safely rely on a professional NCC.

A few Euros saved are not worth your safety or that of your family: travel safely, rely on a Professional NCC



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